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For Users

Stake and earn yields

Stake your favorite coins on the CryptoSale and earn highest yields while maintaining liquidity and fast transaction times.

For Builders

Build on reliable networks

CryptoSale is easy to use and powerful to build with. Every aspect of the platform was designed to support development.

For Enterprises

Connected infrastructure

The most powerful decentralized network supported and built on by a community of enterprises and Web3 builders.

What are people saying?

The best technology, on the best blockchain. Don’t take our word for it. See what some of our community members have to say!

Cryptomaniac uses blockchain technology for its backend. It’s a fantastic tool and we recommend that every dapp company look into using BlockChain.

Martin Flannick

Manager at

BlockChain is an amazing tool! Awesome! It helped us make our system more robust and reliable. Thank you for everything you are doing and keep it up!

Claire Hoggard

Founder of CoinCoin.crypto

Building dapps with BlockChain is very easy and fast. It’s a legitimate 100x improvement in developer experience over the technology we used before.

Ivan Dobrovosky

Founder at

BlockChain is a middle-layer protocol that enables developers to quickly create decentralized applications (dApps) on that can be independent.

Randy Clarks

CEO at

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A New CTS Exchange of Finance

Discover FTC Token

We, here at Cryptosale, together with our customers, are building a more inclusive financial system where more people and enterprises have access to better, faster and bulletproof secure financial services.


Clients can seamlessly integrate staking into their existing trading, infrastructure, or custody services to further reduce counterparty risks.


Custodial staking with Crypto Sale ensures that clients do not need to think about blockchain-related operations. We manage the end-to-end operational flow.


Take part in the future of Cryptosale by giving your opinion in our internal politics


A preferred partnership with Apex Group

Yeld Program

Yield allow users to earn CT while supporting CTS swap by staking LP Tokens.

Top Benefits

Benefit from our expertise with digital asset products. Crypto Sale will act as a trusted partner for the management of the financial product with its FINMA-regulated brokerage and institutional-grade custody

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Your data, one world

We don’t own or operate a single data center. Instead, Sercurity Technology takes advantage of our massive global network of nodes that enables unparalled security, privacy, availability and cost savings.

Active nodes


Store capacity

10+ PBytes


625 Million

Data pieces

42 Billion

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Stay up to date with the team’s latest progress on product development. Started back in 2023, the Cryptosale project continues to break boundries in Web3 development.